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How to get to Cat Island

There are two airports on Cat Island.  Arthur's Town (ATC) is only 15 minutes away from our home at Bennett's Harbour, and  New Bight (TBI) is about 45 minutes away to the south.    You will need to fly directly into Nassau and then into Arthur's town, Cat Island.
Our caretaker, Ricky Dean (242) 474-8042 call or text,  will pick you up.

Passports are required when traveling to the Bahamas.
Flights to Cat island currently  operate from Nassau (NAS) only

From Nassau to Arthur's Town
(NAS - ATC)  Approximately 30 minute flight.
You must be at the airport one hour before takeoff!
Morning and afternoon flights DAILY 
Tel: 1-242-377-8993 
Tel: 1-242-300-0294 – Toll-Free (Bahamas)

Cat Island is located south-east of Nassau.  If you have the ability to fly yourself, you can enjoy a very scenic, beautiful flight over the breathtaking Bahamas Islands and the brilliant colors of the Atlantic Ocean!

Your first landing in and out of the US and Bahamas must be at an 'Airport of Entry' (AOE). They will have Customs and Immigration, which you must clear, and the necessary
paper work
to be completed. 

BEFORE you depart the Bahamas, you are required to talk to US Customs over the telephone at your destination AOE. You must have Coast Guard approved life vests for each person on board. 

There is no fuel available on Cat Island. The identifier for New Bight Airport (AOE) is MYCB, where the runway is 5,000 feet paved. The MYCB airport/customs telephone number is 242-342-2016. 

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